Wednesday, December 26, 2007

after Sara Bareilles

I heard this song by Sara Bareilles today for the first time and did it ever speak to me. It tells the story of my current situation in my life as if I am living the song. Love Song by Sara Bareilles I bought the song from iTunes and I was inspired by the photograph for the album to make this photo for a project to document my iPhone gift. I used my label maker to write "my iPhone" and tried to work with the lighting in my house and the camera angle. She has amazing eyes and I love your voice. It is funny how I achieved the mirror image. I wasn't thinking about which way the photo would come out.


Sarah C. said...

Awesome photo! :) I'll have to check out that song.

Pearl Maple said...

Thanks for the tip on the song and music, there is lots of good stuff out there but not always to find.

Am enjoying reading your posts about taking photos of one's self, not an easy thing to do!

Happy New Year.

jp said...

Love how you were inspired by that photo! You're doing some great stuff, Gingerkitty! :-)