Saturday, December 1, 2007

Vlog: Scrapbook Central

I saw so many people at Scrapbook Central today. I met Jami. She is really cool and I like her layouts. Michelle, the owner was there and we talked. Andrea was there, really nice to see her, always. Tawni and Tammy were there, two more cool people. I spoke with La Verne who was excited about and definitely will be on the new design team for 2008. (positive thinking)


lboese said...

Cool Vlog Melina! Scrapbook Central is a really awesome store and now you've made it public :) Thanks for the "positive thinking" vote of confidence for the Design team. We'll see what happens. Okay, now do a Vlog on your scraproom. I want to see your whole studio :)

Chel said...

SOO cool- I am definitely taking a trip out there. It's so huge! I hope we can meet.

Michelle said...

That is very sweet to include my store in your Vlog. I was very impressed with the video. Nice Job!