Friday, January 4, 2008

My one word

I decided to begin the New year with the One Word idea from Ali Edwards. A word that you choose to represent your focus for the year. I am really curious to see how my one word shapes my year. I thought about what means the most to me. What I realized was that what meant the most to me means the most to me again. Seeing the fun-loving Elsie Flannigan on her blog, reminded me of "me". Where did I go? So word is rediscover.


jp said...

I LOVE that word and all that it entails. Beautiful picture and layout, too! Good luck with your word this year! Janet

Trish said...

LOVE this layout! You do awesome work--I'm going to bookmark your blog!

Kimmie Sue said...

Hi Melina! Thank you for visiting my blog. :o)

I love your word, Rediscover... and your reason for picking it. I hope that you find all that you're looking for this year. Happy New Beginnings!