Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blogger: Internet

The prompt for today is: What did you do before we had the Internet? My first reaction to this was.. What I had a life before the internet!? What was it like.. I don't quite remember. I used to write letters to my family and type out newsletters. I was into T.V. and watched soap operas. I took lots of naps.


Lida said...

I watched lots of tv too and napped I love the internet!

Chel said...

I was online in 1992 my first year of college... before I got my first modem, I sat around my room a lot and listened to music. I did a LOT more art when I was a teenager, that's for sure. That's sort of sad, come to think of it.

Linda said...

I used to watch a lot more tv before I became hooked on the internet