Monday, June 9, 2008

Vacation: First Day

Vacation. In my home, there is no sleeping in, no such thing. The cats have the market on that one. I am here to serve them. 6:30 am the kitten alarm went off. Off to feed the cats. Well while I am up I might as well clean the kitchen and make myself a cup a tea. They are resting now. I might as well start a day. A day of what exactly I don't know. It is vacation time and I am taking it slow.


Creative Junkie said...

I firmly believe that sometimes the best vacations are the ones in which NOTHING happens. Enjoy your time off!

Sarah C. said...

Can I switch your cats' alarms with mine? My pair started at me at 5:30am. Ugh. I refused to budge until the alarm at 6.

Hope you enjoyed your day! :)

Janet, aka JP said...

You're lucky that your alarm goes off at 6:30! Lily wakes me up at 4am! lol
Hope it was a great day!